My Homilies

This is an archive of my homilies.

The Lord's Answer to Samuel and Vocations: 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time 2018

Discover the underlying crisis and hope for vocations in our age through the story of Samuel.

Bring your Best to His Rest: Epiphany 2018

The Magi teach us how to live this new year with the abundant joy Christ wants to give us.

Fixing Family to Save the World: Feast of the Holy Family 2017

Find out how important family is to God, the attacks on family and how living the true sense of family will save our souls and the world.
(By the way, a few minutes into the homily a drunk and angry woman burst into the back of the Church shouting profanities. You can't hear what she says but this is the context of what you will hear in the background)

A Shepherd's Christmas: Christmas 2017

Why did God reveal Christmas to shepherds? The answer enters us into the heart of the Christmas mystery.


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