My Homilies

This is an archive of my homilies.

100th Parish Anniversary Homily 2017

Uncover a 3 fold plan of Providence in the 100 year history of our parish and how our role emerges today.

Hypocrites in Rehab: 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Discover the infection of hypocrisy in the parable of Jesus, how it works, the cure and how it applies to Respect Life Sunday.

Late-comers to the Vineyard: 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

This parable of Christ bothers many people. Discover what Jesus really meant and why it is vital for our spiritual lives.

Eliminate Debt with Mercy: 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2017

Discover how to overcome our debt through the mercy of God and being his mercy to others.

Sin and Correction, why? 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time 2017

Discover why Christ calls us to fraternal correction and how a deep seated mentality threatens our view on sin.


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