My Homilies

This is an archive of my homilies.

Why are you troubled? 3rd Sunday of Easter 2018

Discover how to eliminate worry from your life by the revealing and reality of the Risen Lord.

Open the Doors to Mercy: Divine Mercy Sunday 2018

Discover how Divine Mercy is the lesson of our age to unlock the doors of fear and doubt in our lives.

Resurrected or Cemetery Faith? Easter Sunday 2018

Find out the joy of Easter by the type of faith you live: resurrected or cemetery.

The Lasting Supper: Holy Thursday 2018

Discover why the Last Supper ought to be called the Lasting Supper and the profound meaning of Holy Thursday.

The Message in the Palm: Palm Sunday 2018

The message of the liturgy today is wrapped up in the 2 palms you hold. Discover the profound message of Palm Sunday.


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